Geofman Vivrone Testosterone Enanthate 250mg 30 amps (Pakistan)


Name: Vivrone 250 mg,

Manufacturer: Geofman Pharmaceuticals (Pakistan),

Contents: Testosterone enanthate 30 x 250mg ampoules.

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Buy Geofman Vivrone Testosterone Enanthate injections Online

Geofman Vivrone Testosterone Enanthate, containing 250 mg of genuine pharmaceutical grade testosterone, works for everyone in the gyms who wants to build muscles and body mass; regardless if you just started working out or already have some biceps to show.

The strength-serum consists of anabolic ingredients, which enables chemically enhanced bodybuilders who use this steroid, to increase muscle-strength and tone at a minimum time.

A rapid gain of weight and massive muscle-mass build up can be expected soon after the first intake.

Testosterone Enanthate is the most reliable testosterone preparation, and doctors recommend it. The outstanding thing about Testoviron is that it actually is a testosterone molecule with some enanthate ester attached.

Thus, it does not need to be injected twice per day like Testosterone Suspension drugs, as it has the capacity to give energy and build-up your body for 24 hours in a row.

Testosterone Enanthate has been especially developed for people in Australia who suffer from Testosterone Deficiency, in order to make the daily intake of the steroid more comfortable for them.

Since Testosterone intake, during a therapy, generally consists of an oral consumption of 17-alpha-alkylated Testosterone versions, which can cause sever stress to the liver, testosterone enanthate was the best way to go.

Vivrone is a stable and most natural steroid, which makes it easy to extend the injection intervals significantly. The reason for this is that Testosterone Suspension drugs contain too less ester, and the body cannot separate it easily from Testosterone molecules.

In fact, the rule is that the more natural ester the steroid contains, the longer lasting the desired effects will be.

Vivrone 250mg injections by the Geofman pharma company has numerous interesting properties for bodybuilders, and people who like to gain muscle-strength alike. It shows the most anabolic and muscle-enhancing effects, which are based on different mechanisms.

Vivrone 250mg encourages the incorporation of nitrogen (protein) in the muscles and, further, enhances the activation of so-called satellite cells, from which fresh myocytes can be formed.

It is also known that testosterone enanthate promotes the body’s anabolic body-growth factor, which includes speedy muscle-repair after a heavy workout. In addition, enanthane reduces the testosterone secretion of catabolic glucocorticoid hormones, such as cortisol.

Thus, it helps prevent muscle catabolism, which may occur during an extreme exercise-session or while on a calorie-restricted diet.

What Is The Recommended Dosage Of Testosterone Enanthate?

The most effective way to get lasting results with Vivrone Test E is by taking 600 mg every week if you are a beginner. There is no need to increase the dose, as the product is perfectly designed to boost the body mass with the above mentioned amount.

However, it is suggested to take the entire amount of 600 mg at once.

Advanced bodybuilders may wish to increase the dosage to 2000 mg or even 3000 mg per week. Nevertheless, it is essential to know that, in these cases, the injections should be made twice a week.

Another tip is to consume Pregnyl HCG every two months, while on Test E treatment, as this speeds up the metabolism; thus, showing results even faster.