Unigen LifeSciences Winstrol Depot 50mg 20 Stanz Inj injection amps


Name: Stanz Inj 50 mg,

Manufacturer: Unigen Life Sciences,

Contents: 20 x 50mg stanozolol (winstrol) injection amps.

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Unigen Life Sciences Winstrol For Sale

Unigen Life Sciences 50mg Winstrol injections are a popular pharma grade anabolic steroid, and are preferred by most bodybuilders as an effective aid in preparation to contests. Even female athletes and bodybuilders are able to use Winstrol injections.

Which cannot be said of other roids due to their ill effects to women. Due to its safe nature and effectiveness, Winny has become the steroid of choice. Especially for other performance athletes, like baseball players and runners.

The different anabolics you can find in the market are not all the same in terms of their effect on your body. Their primary and secondary purpose therefore may vary. For instance, the primary purpose of Anadrol is to bulk up the muscles and secondarily to help in your cutting cycle.

This is why its popularity is contained among bodybuilders. Stanozolol tablets, on the other hand, are not a bulking steroid. Its primary purpose is to benefit in the cutting cycle and next is to enhance athletic performance.

This is the main reason why it is preferred by other athletes as well, since they are more concerned about improving their performances and not to bulk up their bodies. For these purposes, Winny wins among other brands in terms of effectiveness.

Stanozolol for Bodybuilders and Athletes

Athletes who use Stanozolol tablets can expect significant improvements in strength, speed, and agility. Bodybuilders, on the other hand, will see enhanced vascularity and harder physique.

Especially when body fat is already low. Winny will not directly burn the stored fats in your body. But it promotes this process by preserving or holding on to lean tissue. People who are on a diet go to a state of caloric deficit.

This means that their bodies are burning more calories than what they are taking in. When your body holds on to more lean tissues during this state, which is what Stanozolol does, the metabolic rate is further boosted.

This results to a harder and leaner physique, the goal of any bodybuilder. Winstrol is only available in tablet forms. The tablet form only has a half-life of nine hours, as opposed to the injectable form that has a half-life of 24 hours.

This means that you will have to take the tablet form more often if you want to attain absolute efficiency. As a safe dosage, men can take up to 100mg a day, which can be broken into two dosages of 50mg each.

The injectable form of Stanozolol, on the other hand, can be administered every other day, although some users have increased this to daily injections. For safety, Stanozolol tablets should only be taken for an 8 week duration and only experienced users can extend this to 12 weeks.

Winstrol is usually stacked with testosterone propionate and equipoise.