Pyramid Labs Test 400 mg Testosterone Blend 10ml injection vial (Australia)


Name: Test 400 mg,

Manufacturer: Pyramid Labs steroids company (Australia),

Contents: 400mg/1ml/10ml testosterone mixed blend injection vial, containing 200mg of testosterone enanthate, 100mg of testosterone cypionate and 100mg of testosterone propionate per 1ml.

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Pyramid Labs Test 400 mg is a testosterone mixed blend that is injected into your body, the active hormones cypionate, enanthate and propionate are gradually emitted into your bloodstream. Because of the time-released nature of this hormone replacement therapy, injections are less frequent and cause minimal to no discomfort.

The recommended frequency of each treatment injection is once a week to once every 10 days. Pyramid Labs Test 400 can remain in your body and bloodstream up to 30 days. It yields a lower dosage of hormones compared to other hormone replacement treatments.

This benefits the bodybuilder in Australia in several ways. First, you are less likely to acquire a tolerance for the hormones injected into your body. Secondly, the low-hormone dosage decreases your risk of experiencing any harmful side effects that are often observed with other testosterone replacement therapies.

For example, minimal estrogen side effects are reported among those undergoing Test 400 treatment. Contrary to other hormone replacement therapies, users describe minimal to no distension or swelling from water retention.

Overall, it may be a less-risky and safer option of hormone replacement therapy. Pyramid Labs Test 400 mg offers a myriad of positive side effects. This hormone replacement therapy may help increase your muscle development and enhance your muscle strength.

Due to the extended-release chemical compounds in the Test 400, you will observe sustained periods of active and functional tissue development. Additionally, this testosterone combination assists in increasing the quantity of red blood cells in your body, which ultimately aids in boosting your immune functioning, stamina and energy levels.

Pyramid Labs Test 400 mg injection improves the functioning and increases the quantity of the motor neurons, the tiny cells regulating your muscles’ ability to contract and relax. This process optimizes your muscles’ response to stimuli, assisting in the development and reaction time of your muscle fibers.