Nexus Labs Anavar 50mg 60 Oxandrolone tablets


Name: Anavar 50 mg,

Manufacturer: Nexus Labs (UK),

Contents: 60 x 50mg oxandrolone tablets.

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Anavar 50mg UK

If you’re an athlete or a bodybuilder in the UK, then you’ve most probably heard of the steroids that boost energy and help in bodybuilding, one of these is Nexus Labs Anavar 50mg tablets, and it’s one of the best out there.

Anavar And Bodybuilding

First, the chemical name for Anavar is Oxandrolone. This chemical is processed into this drug that a serious bodybuilder can use to their advantage. It comes in form of 50mg tablets that can be ingested orally.

Being one of the most effective steroids currently in the market, Oxandrolone has its own advantages that make it a more appealing choice than other drugs.

Benefits Of Using Nexus Labs Anavar 50mg tablets

When you use Anavar tablets in your bodybuilding routines, you stand to gain in the following cool ways: It increases lean muscle mass and strength: if you start a usage and training cycle with Anavar, you gain what’s called “super-strength.”

Oxandrolone gives you this power by boosting the body’s metabolism. When the muscles retain more nitrogen, they can work for longer and have more endurance. Anavar employs this principal to give you super-strength.

It also increases the absorption of protein in the muscles, and this works to build real lean muscle that doesn’t run thin overtime. In fact, Anavar gains are permanent – unlike other anabolic steroids whose gains in muscle building tend to reverse upon stoppage of use.

Oxandrolone pills have no androgenic properties: Some anabolic steroids will have some side-effects when used. Some of these effects may include hair-loss, toughness of skin, bloating, acne, severe mood-swings due to rising estrogen levels, and even loss of libido.

However, with Anavar, you’re all safe. This drug has none of such effects. Although its operating concept is based on the Testosterone molecule, its suppressive effects are minimal as compared to other drugs. In fact, Anavar is a great entry drug for anyone starting out on bodybuilding boosters.

Helps in burning fat: Besides boosting muscular gain, Oxandrolone has the effect of burning fat around the abdominal region of the user, and that makes it a good choice for women who want to get rid of tummies and unwanted abdominal fat.

The good thing is that with this drug, you don’t have to break bones doing lots of exercises to burn fat. Just a little exercise is enough to trigger the process. It can increase bone mass: Studies have confirmed that, besides boosting muscle gain and strength, Anavar is also effective in building bone mass over time.

This means that you could end up with a noticeable increase in your overall weight while still shedding off unwanted fat and gaining muscle. That’s definitely some good news!

The above points clearly indicate that Nexus Labs Anavar 50mg tablets are far better and safer than other anabolic steroids that bodybuilders use, and that makes it the anabolic steroid of choice for male and female bodybuilders in the UK.