MyoGen Testosterone Propionate 100mg 10 PropioGen injection amps


MyoGen Labs PropioGen 10 x 100mg testosterone propionate injection amps.

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Buy MyoGen Labs Testosterone Propionate injections Online

MyoGen Labs testosterone propionate is an artificially produced steroid used as a supplement to provide similar functions provided to the body by naturally produced hormone testosterone. Every man or woman has the capability of producing Testosterone in their adrenal cortex.

Though the amount of Testosterone production in the human body differs from person to person. The key function of Testosterone Propionate is to regulate hair growth. Another important function that made this synthetic hormone very popular among general people is it can be used for improving sexual performance.

As a result, a synthetic form of this hormone popularly known as Propionate is used as a supplement. It helps protein synthesis in a significant way which increases the muscle growth and other physical attributes.

Testosterone Propionate can be found in the market in in 10 ml vials or 1 ml amps where about 100 mg Propionate can be found per ml. If you are looking for one of the following solutions, hair growth solution, increase in sexual performance or gaining muscle you can consider this synthetic steroid.

It has negligible side effects considering the advantages it provides to the body. Still, it is suggested to take MyoGen Labs testosterone propionate steroid injections under doctor’s advisement.