MyoGen Labs Anavar 10mg 100 OxaGen tablets


Name: OxaGen 10,

Manufacturer: MyoGen Labs (Singapore),

Contents: 100 x 10mg anavar (oxandrolone) tablets.

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Buy Myogen Labs Anavar 10mg Pills Online

MyoGen Labs Anavar 10mg is a steroid tablet that bodybuilders like to buy online to promote huge strength gains, increased lean mass and give the body a more cut look. Professional athletes and bodybuilders commonly use oxandrolone.

It is more preferred because it is exceptionally mild and has minimal side effects. While the active chemical in this steroid is oxandrolone, it has a horde of other ingredients, including magnesium stearate, lactose, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose and cornstarch.

While in the body, it has an active life of between eight to 12 hours. The popularity of Anavar may also be attributed to its positive effects on both women and men.

Recommended Dosage of MyoGen Anavar

OxaGen 10 can be used safely by women. This is mainly because the rate of virilization of Oxandrolone hormone is very low. Generally, for female athletes, a dosage of 2.5 to 20 mg per day is ideal. However, for a majority of women, a dosage of 10mg per day for a period of six to eight weeks is perfect.

Some women will require higher doses than others, but the higher the dosage, the greater the risk of experiencing side effects. For men Anavar is fantastic for a cutting cycle. During this period, male athletes and bodybuilders require a dosage of between 50 mg and 80 mg per day.

Generally, a dosage of about 30 mg per day is recommended for a solid cutting cycle and slight athletic performance boost in men. While some men may need higher dosages of up to 100 mg per day, it must be considered that OxaGen 10mg tablets are comparatively expensive to acquire.

The recommended dosage for men is 0.125 mg per kg of bodyweight every day.

Benefits of MyoGen Labs Anavar

MyoGen Labs Anavar 10mg is mainly used by professional athletes, as well as, to aid in fat loss. For effective results, it should be used in cycles of between 10 and 12 weeks. When taken appropriately, this drug can boost the growth of muscle cells and displacement of fluids in between muscle cells.

Professional athletes use this drug to boost nitric oxide levels in the body. It is also used by medical practitioners for patients suffering from various conditions, such as AIDS, alcoholic hepatitis, the Grave’s disease, Turner syndrome, high cholesterol problems and osteoporosis in women.

Additionally, Oxagen tablets are also used to promote linear tissue growth in patients with surface burns. Extensive surgeries, severe trauma and chronic infections may result in loss of body weight. In such a case, Anavar may be used during adjunctive therapy to promote weight gain.

The other benefit associated with it is that it may be used to offset protein catabolism, which is associated with prolonged corticosteroids administration. Studies have revealed that Anavar can also reduce bone pain.

Side effects of OxaGen 10

Though minimal, oxandrolone pills have some side effects, which mostly occur when the drug is abused. To begin with, it may lead to a considerable reduction of follicle-stimulating hormone, testosterone and luteinizing hormone levels in the serum if abused.

Other side effects associated with the abuse of Anavar include

• High blood pressure
• Reduced sperm count
• Abnormal functioning of the liver
• Testicular atrophy
• Stroke
• Prostate enlargement
• Low HDL cholesterol levels

When overdosed or taken for an extended period of time, the drug may also have other side effects, such as inhibition of oral hypoglycemic agent metabolism, changes in menstrual cycle, liver failure, hallucination, stunted growth, depression, dizziness, increased aggression and reduced sex drive.

As a precaution,  OxaGen should never be used by people who have been diagnosed with blood clotting disorder, high levels of calcium in the blood, breast cancer, liver inflammation, kidney disease, neoplasm of liver and Nephrotic syndrome.

Additionally, the steroid should not be used by pregnant or breastfeeding women. However, for bodybuilders and athletes who are in need of more stamina and strength, this is the steroid of choice. One of the main benefits of this drug is that it does not affect the natural hormonal production of the user.

Again, OxaGen 10mg by MyoGen Labs comes with minimal and mild side effects, unless abused or overdosed. Patients under Testosterone therapy, a process that identifies the level of testosterone production levels in your body.