Kohoh Pharma Primobolan 100mg 10 Primobolone injection amps


Name: Primobolone,

Manufacturer: Kohoh Pharma anabolic steroids company,

Ingredients: 10 x 100mg Methenolone Enanthate injection amps.

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Buy Kohoh Pharma Primobolan 100mg Injections Online

Similar to Deca-Durabolin injections, another popular steroid on the market, Kohoh Pharma Primobolan 100mg injection vials are most commonly used as a base for athletes and bodybuilders aiming to stack it with other roids.

However, Methenolone Enanthate is a dihydroboldenone, or DHB, based steroid reduced from the more mild, boldenone. When considering a steroid regimen, potential users should be warned to avoid estrogen due to its retentive nature on fat and water.

This makes Primo an ideal substance because it does not form any estrogen whatsoever when it interacts with the enzyme, aromatase. In such instances, methenolone is most commonly used, or by people who are extraordinarily sensitive to the side-effects of estrogen.

Its anabolic activity is only a bit less than nandrolone, most likely because of its lack of estrogen. Methenolone and nandrolone are mild and gentle on the body which could contribute to their favored preference as a compound base in stacks among people who are looking to improve their muscular structure.

Due to its chemical structure, methenolone has no estrogen related side-effects on the body other than insignificant effects on cholesterol levels. In cases where an administered dosage is less than or equal to two-hundred milligrams, blood pressure is almost never altered.

For those concerned with hepatotoxicity, of course long-term use of Primobolan will increase liver values. This increase is gradual and slight and markedly less than any other steroid available today.

Because injections only pass though the liver one time, they have, on average, half of the toxic effects on the liver as steroid tablets.

This can be accounted for because of the bioavailability of methenolone, which is carried by a 1-methyl-group that decreased the requirement for a carrier attachment like 17-alpha-alkylated group, eliminating the main problem in liver problems caused by steroids.

Recommended dosages for men are 150-300 milligrams a week and women are advised to divide that dosage by half. Overall, Kohoh Pharma Primobolan 100mg injection is an ideal option available for people who are patient when waiting for results or fearful of potential side effects.


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