Keifei Pharma Primobolan Depot 100mg Primbolin injection


Name: Primbolin 100 mg,

Manufacturer: Keifei,

Contents: 100mg/1ml/10ml methenolone enanthate (primobolan) multi-dose injection vial.

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Primobolan For Sale USA

Studies conducted on this particular drug in the USA revealed that genuine Keifei Primobolan injections for sale online are effective in the reduction of fat in your body while at the same time promoting the growth of lean muscle.

According to many bodybuilders, Methenolone Enanthate is ideal when you want to lose some weight and gain lean muscles. Therefore, instead of going on diets, they use this steroid, as it gives better and faster results as far as weight loss is concerned.

Keifei Primbolin Increases muscle mass

When it comes to muscle mass, Primobolan helps in the growth of strong hard muscles. Since this steroid has no water retention properties it helps in making your muscles hard and also helps in preserving those muscles.

However, if you want to use this drug to bulk up, you will require huge amounts of the drug to see results. It should be known that this drug is more effective in lean muscle development as opposed to bulking up or increasing your body mass.

No aromatization

Most steroids are known to aromatize but this drug does not convert into estrogen. This makes it ideal for women bodybuilders. This therefore means that all estrogen side effects are eliminated for example developing gynecomastia or water retention problems.

The gains you make from this steroid are only solid quality muscle mass. Therefore, if you are afraid of estrogen related side effects this is the steroid for you.

Promotes nitrogen retention

For your body to build more muscles, it needs adequate nitrogen levels. Primbolin is one of the few steroids in the market today that promotes nitrogen retention in the body. This therefore means that this drug not only helps you build solid muscles but also helps your body build more muscles.

It is ideal for both beginners as well as professional bodybuilders. For that reason, if you are a beginner consider having this steroid in your daily training program because of this incredible advantage.

Primbolin Enhances immunity

Primo is designed in such a way that it prevents muscle waste and it enables the body to maintain its original form. For this reason, this drug is also used by AIDS patients as well.

This clearly indicates how effective Primo is as far as bodybuilding is concerned. With consistency and hard work this drug is able to give you incredible results that will leave other bodybuilders wondering.

Keifei Pharma Primobolan maintains lean muscle tissues

If you want lean muscle tissues that are hard as a rock, then this is the steroid for you. Genuine Primobolan injections are known to help in the growth and development of muscle mass while at the same time keeping a lean figure.

This means that this drug is effective when it comes to reaping your body. It gives the body that chiseled body shape and maintains strong muscles.

Primbolin side effects

Just like any other drug or steroid, Primobolan has a number of side effects. However, Primobolan side effects are milder, less common and they disappear once you cheap stop using this drug.

It contains lesser side effects than any other known steroid. The following are some of the Primobolan side effects;

Hair loss

Some individuals who have used Primobolan have reported hair loss as one of the side effects of this drug. However, depending on how long you use this steroid, this side effect is less common and depends on the body of the person using the drug.

Hormonal imbalance among women bodybuilders

According to the chemical composition of this drug, it can cause hormonal imbalance in women. It can also cause irregular ovulation cycles. But it should be understood that this drug has no estrogen related side effects.

In men it can cause deepening of the voice and increased body hair. The hormonal imbalance can come during your menstrual cycle but in normal situations, this side effect is less common.

Mild acne

In other circumstances, the use of Primobolan can also result to mild acne. This can be as a result of the effects of the drug in the body.

The body may fail to deal with the pressure and the changes caused by the drug but if your body can effectively eliminate the unneeded substances released by the drug, you will not be attacked by acne.

Excessive sweating

Among the most common side effects Primobolan is excessive sweating. Well, this comes as a result of its far reaching effects in the body. It should be understood that this drug should be used by bodybuilders or individuals who work out on a regular basis.

Increased aggression

This is yet another side effect of this drug. However, this is a less common side effect. Individuals who use this drug have reported experiencing increased aggression and they get irritable very easily.


Just like most steroids, insomnia has been yet another side effect of Primbolin. In order to avoid this side effect you should take this drug a few hours before going to bed.

In conclusion, Keifei Pharma Primobolan is one of the most effective steroids that have mild side effects in the market today. Therefore, if you are looking for the best steroid that will give you the best results with minimal side effects, consider using this steroid.