Dragon Pharma Testosterone Suspension 100mg 10ml injection vial


Name: Suspension 100 mg,

Manufacturer: Dragon Pharma,

Contents: 100mg/1ml/10ml testosterone suspension multi-dose injection vial.

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100mg Testosterone Suspension For SaleĀ 

Test Suspension 100mg injections for sale by Dragon Pharma is a water based testosterone with a very short half life, that is popular with steroid using bodybuilders for its great results. It is designed to be injected. The active ingredient in it is testosterone suspension, which has longer-lasting effects than testosterone but acts much more quickly than the other esters on the market, like Test Cyp and Test Heptylate injections.

It is best to inject testosterone suspension every day for males, and every four to six for women. This keeps blood levels of the drug stable and appropriate. The average dose is between 100 and 700 mg a week.

Male bodybuilders with experience and awareness of the risks can take as much as 500 mgs is a week, sometimes as much as 1250 mg. The cycle duration lasts between eight and twenty weeks. Naturally this will differ from athlete to athlete, so be sure to check with a doctor and be clear about your needs and goals.

Dragon Pharma testosterone suspension is still testosterone. Androgenic effects are inevitable. Please do not take this drug if you have not researched it and are not comfortable with the unavoidable long-term effects. However, testosterone suspension seems to minimize the side effects, possibly due to its much faster onset and the concomitant lesser need for high blood levels.

Common wisdom about suspension says that it causes less water retention and fewer gyno troubles. It also seems to interfere less with erections than other drugs on the market. Dragon Pharma Testosterone Suspension is unfortunately an irritant, and sometimes causes swelling in the injection area.

This swelling and tenderness can last for days, but not weeks. The shorter half life of suspension means that it clears the blood more quickly, which means fewer drug interactions and less problems with other medical treatments.

Metabolization is extremely efficient, and this means fewer false positive results on drug tests. Puffiness is distinctly minimized, which makes this ideal for pre-competition preparation. Suspension injections are an ideal choice for bodybuilders and athletes.

This chemical is made under the highest levels of supervision and sanitation, and safe and effective dosage is certain. The addition of Suspension to Testosterone means a faster acting, longer lasting drug. The body you want is within reach with Testosterone Suspension by Dragon Pharmaceuticals steroids company.