Dimension Labs Anavar 50mg 50 Oxandrolone tablets


Name: Oxandrolone 50,

Manufacturer: Dimension Labs (UK),

Contents: 50 x 50 anavar pills.

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Anavar 50mg USA

Dimension Labs Anavar 50mg tablets are a mild, and low androgen steroid tablet used by bodybuilders in the USA. This anabolic steroid has no toxicity at all. It is extremely popular among women and men because it will not cause any side effects. oxandrolone is able to release protein anabolism. Anavar is generally used by bodybuilders in the UK to increase their strength and their muscle mass.

Anavar has a majorly effect upon body fat reduction in both abdominal and visceral stores. These properties were first figured out into the International Journal of Obesity. There was a time when this drug was prescribed as medicine against osteoporosis.

Due to its excellent properties even women can make a lot of use of this product if it is taken in low quantities. The anabolic effect of this product is known to promote linear growth. This is happening because oxandrolone does not aromatize.

Its reduced androgenic activity it is also a plus. Lots of people that want to considerably increase their muscle mass and to gain some strength and to succeed in adding quality muscle use Dimension Labs Anavar 50mg tablets. The best thing about this product is that you will not need any PCT.


Even if it is taken in bigger amounts you won’t need other products for post cycle therapy as tamoxifen or clomid tablets. This product is usually used by people that are over forty years old. For men, the usual dosage is approximately of 25mg to 50mg per day. This is about 1 to 2 tablets, a dosage that will provide exceptional results in no time.

This product can also be mixed with other steroids such as stanozolol tablets. This combination is necessary if you want a harder look without water retention. As well, oxandrolone can be mixed with other drugs but is not recommended.

For men the daily dosage is up to 100 mg per day, and women the dosage is about 25 mg per day. This is the most comfortable rate for them. If you want to take advantage of the properties of this product you must take it two or three times a day.

Dimension Labs Anavar 50mg tablets are usually taken after meals, for a more powerful effect. The best combination of this product is done with Andriol Testocaps. These mixed compounds will offer you a considerable increase in strength, a good looking body, and no water retention.