British Dispensary Androlic 50mg 100 Oxymetholone Anadrol tablets


Name: Androlic 50mg,

Manufacturer: British Dispensary steroids company (Thailand),

Contents: 100 x 50mg oxymetholone (anadrol) tablets.

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Buy British Dispensary Androlic 50mg tablets Online

Androlic 50mg tablets were initially developed in the 1960s by British Dispensary of Thailand as a compound to treat muscle wasting diseases and anemia. Over the years, it has emerged as an effective agent for weight and strength gain in the performance enhancing area.

Commonly known to the bodybuilders as A bombs or A50. And it comprises of the drug Oxymetholone which aids in the production of red blood cells. To gain a comprehensive understanding of Anadrol, here is a look at the benefits as well as side effects of this steroid tablet.

Benefits of Androlic 50mg tablets

As a powerful anabolic androgenic drug, 50 mg Anadrol is known to be one of the most potent oral pharmaceutical grade anabolic steroids. Its usage can transform users into their ideal physique in mere few weeks.

Current users also experience incredible strength gains. Thus making it a popular choice for bodybuilders who buy this product online and are looking to bulk up and gain strength. It is perfect for bodybuilders and athletes during bulking cycles. And it is commonly associated with permanent improvement in strength and body aggression.

Other than assisting the users to bring in huge muscle gains within a short span of time. It is also great for relieving joint pains during those intense training sessions. Those athletes who are prone to injuries and fatigue during strength training and workouts show significant improvements after using 50mg Oxymetholone steroid tablets from British Dispensary.

It provides a form of protection to the athletes by means of lubrication to the joints. Through this process, the joints have increased elasticity and it greatly reduces the occurrence of injury when doing strength training.

Research has shown that it prevent the muscles tissue from tearing and protects the muscles.

More Benefits

As Oxymetholone can increase the red blood cell count, performance levels will improve with the high oxygen absorption rate. This is due to the fact that with a higher red blood cell count, more oxygen is carried to the muscles. This will allow them to function and grow at a faster rate.

Another benefit of Oxymetholone is its immense effect on protein synthesis. Anadrol’s drawback of low binding affinity with androgen receptors is compensated by its amazing ability to improve protein synthesis.

It helps to increase the capacity of protein intake into the body. With protein as the basic building block of muscles, this ability can tremendously benefit muscle building. It is not surprising to see individuals with a weight gain of fifteen to thirty pounds after a few weeks of use.

Much of the weight increase will be that of lean tissue and water. Bodybuilders use this to work to their advantage and combine it with other steroids for maximum effect.

With its positive benefits for a bulking cycle, many competitive bodybuilders boost their energy and strength with Oxymetholone in the last few weeks following to the competition or show. As they build up the amount of this steroid in their body, they can make good use of their carbs right till the end.

The bodybuilder will also look fuller with the use of this powerful anabolic androgenic drug.

Other than these benefits, this steroid has a good ability to withstand any liver breakdown due to its alkylated properties. Due to its high affinity for fat storage, users will realize that their muscles smooth out within a timeframe with the use of Anadrol.

Side Effects of Androlic 50mg tablets

The recommended dosage for Anadrol is 50 to 100 mg and 12.5- 15mg for men and women respectively. High dosages can be abusive and dangerous, leading to serious side effects for the user.

As with other anabolic steroids, overdose can yield extreme side effects in the body. The testosterone levels in the body can go out of control and increases the level of estrogen in the process. Such levels can cause gynecomastia and problems with estrogen.

British Dispensary Anadrol can also be very taxing for your liver. Bodybuilders who use Oxymetholone, must understand the full properties of the steroid before using it. While using it, cysts can form on the liver. And in some cases, they do not go away after the cycle. And this will have detrimental effects on the body.

For those who are sensitive to the steroid, it can cause serious water retention and bloating. However, these harmful side effects of water retention can be reversed with a well balanced diet or a aromatase inhibitor.

People with existing heart disease and high blood pressure should forgo the use of Anadrol. As Anadrol is an anabolic agent, it will increase the lipid levels in the blood, resulting in the high risk of heart diseases.

With Anadrol being a more potent steroid as compared to the other drugs, it can cause edema, heart attacks or arteriosclerosis. Other side effects that are cited by current users are increased excitability due to the higher energy levels and less sleep.

More Side Effects

Some users experienced diarrhoea and nausea after the use of it. In some cases for men who overdose on British Dispensary Anadrol, there is a reduction in sperm count, bladder irritation and decrease in the semen fluid volume.

For ladies, virilization is a condition that may occur with the use of this steroid. It can cause acne, hoarse voice and increased hair growth all over the body. Menstrual irregularities is another common side effect for ladies who take this steroid.

During the entire course, ladies should be observed for the symptoms of virilization. Once mild virilism is detected, drug therapy must be discontinued immediately as the changes could be permanent in some cases.

It is pivotal to take Androlic in a responsible manner to avoid these harmful side effects. When starting on a course, always take small doses over short periods of time to see your body’s reaction towards this product.

Monitor your body changes closely when you are increasing the dosage. While it is relatively harmless, it can have serious implications when taken with other drugs. When in doubt, take careful precautions and seek professional advice from a certified doctor to adjust your dosage.

If used in the right manner, British Dispensary Androlic 50mg oxymetholone tablets from Thailand have immense potential for bodybuilders to increase their strength, endurance and energy. As well as to bulk up their muscles, especially if used in conjunction with Somatropin, Sustanon and anavar.