Testolic 100mg 10 Testosterone Propionate injection amps


Name: Testolic 100 mg,

Manufacturer: Body Research (Thailand),

Contents: 10 x testosterone propionate injection amps.

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Buy Testolic 100mg Testosterone Propionate Thailand

Testosterone Propionate is an injectable steroid manufactured by Body Research of Thailand, it is used for ‘bulking up’ the body because of both of its anabolic and androgenic property. The only difference of this with other ester propionates or steroids is that it is one of the shortest esters.

And since it is a short steroid, it has fewer, though same, side effects compared to its counterparts. This steroid is especially functional in the process of nitrogen synthesis where it increases the body’s protein levels in the muscles.

And to achieve enough protein in the muscles in our body, one must adjust his/her diet on a daily basis.

There are numerous benefits of using Testolic injections for bodybuilders, besides making you gain muscles. For one, having pharma grade testosterone as a base hormone will increase the activity of the satellite cells.

Thus, testosterone propionate promotes the healing of burns and wasted muscles. This is the reason why it helps in the management of diseases than can cause muscle damage and wastage.

Another major benefit of Thai propionate is fat loss, which is definitely helpful for people who want to bulk up their body by eliminating unwanted fats and exercising to convert those to muscles.

Also, red blood cells (RBC) in the body are also increased with the use of Testolic 100mg. As a result, it reduces one’s chances of acquiring anemia. Other than those mentioned, aggression levels are likewise increased.

When you are exercising or undergoing any physical training, enhanced aggression levels will help you achieve maximum results, as Body Research Testolic heightens your strength and force to physical activity.

As for the side effects of this product, this does not pose extreme ones compared to other more dangerous steroids. In fact, it has been found out that Testosterone Propionate from Thailand helps reduce bad cholesterol in the heart.

One will have a lesser chance in having coronary heart diseases and other heart conditions due to this positive effect. But although rare and less extreme, the side effects of Testolic among the few are Gynecomastia and water retention.

More so, it exits the body in a short period of time. Therefore, any athlete or person in the who uses Body Research testosterone propionate and has to go through some kind of a drug test, will not have this steroid in his/ her system by the time of the test is conducted.

To conclude, Testolic from Thailand is the better choice for a steroid buying bodybuilder since it is equally as effective as, yet less harmful than other options out there.