Balkan Pharma Primobolan 50mg 60 Methenolone Acetate tablets


Name: Primobol 50 mg,

Manufacturer: Balkan Pharmaceuticals,

Contents: 60 x 50mg methenolone acetate (primobolan) tablets.

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Buy Balkan Pharma 50mg Primobolan Tablets UK

Balkan Pharma Primobolan 50mg is one of the most popular oral steroid tablets that amateur and professional bodybuilders in the UK like buy online. Its most common use is as a base for steroid stacks. Since it doesn’t cause the estrogenic side effects of fat gain and water retention, it’s often used for cutting. This lack of estrogenic activity makes methenolone enanthate a common choice for bodybuilders prone to estrogenic side effects.

Its anabolic activity is a bit lower than that of Decandrol 200mg, also because of its minimal estrogenic effects. Primobolan Depot is frequently used as a replacement for other steroids such as nandrolone and boldenone because of its wide availability. When it’s combined with mass builders such as, Enandrol 250mg, Test Cyp, DHB or Halotest 10mg, it delivers excellent gains, similar to the others.

For cutting purposes, bodybuilders can combine Primobolan with Superdrol, Strombafort 50mg and Trenbolone. Primobolan is also a great choice for female bodybuilders due to its very mild androgenic effects. Methenolone is available in oral form as well as injectable, although the injectable form is generally preferred.

300-600 mg is usually injected only once a week owing to its long-acting enanthate ester. On first pass it bypasses the liver, and as a result, more of it remains active in the system. Oral forms of many anabolics tend to be less effective, but may be preferred by those who prefer to avoid injections or do not wish to add another injectable to their current stack.

Balkan Pharmaceuticals Primobolan 50mg tablets are in the fast-acting acetate form. As a result, multiple doses are needed per day. Usually this is accomplished by taking 100-150 mg split over two to three doses. Unlike most oral steroids, which do not require multiple doses per day, methenolone is 1-methylated instead of 17-alpha-alkylated. Thus, there is lower bioavailability, but liver stress is reduced as well.

Balkan Pharma Primobolan Side Effects

Primobolan Depot is one of the milder roids when it comes to side effects. It has no estrogenic side-effects due to its structure, and its effects on cholesterol are minimal. At injected dosages of 200 mg or less, blood pressure is rarely affected. Long-term use of methenolone increases liver values slightly.

Injected Primobol 100mg is only about half as toxic to the liver when compared to the tablets, causing fewer of the side effects associated with many other steroids that affect the liver more heavily.