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In order to get bigger, harder muscles, many men who work out will use supplements and steroids to achieve the size they desire. The drug of choice for most men who build their bodies is testosterone, but many of them use Proviron, which is an oral form of dihydrotestosterone, or DHT. Bodybuilders use DHT to prevent the production of estrogen and water retention.

Why Proviron Is Used

Using steroids can cause side effects that men do not want to have, such as gynecomastia, which is the formation of male breasts, when steroids are converted into estrogen. However, there are other drugs like DHT that can help prevent these side effects by preventing the aromatization of other steroids, which means it inhibits the production of estrogen and its related side effects.

Proviron, which is a brand name for Mesterolone post cycle therapy pills, can be used as part of a post cycle therapy to help rebalance your body’s hormones. PCT is the process of using dietary supplements, nutrition, and drugs to help control estrogen, restore your body’s natural hormone levels, and help it recover after using steroids.

DHT derivative can be used in this process, but it has to be carefully monitored and incorporated into your diet and other supplements that are being used.

Advantages of Using Proviron

Although some bodybuilders claim that using Proviron tablets does not help with muscle gain – especially when used alone – it does have other advantages that make it worth considering.

It helps to release free testosterone in the body, which is different from other anabolic steroids because most of them are bound to sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG) and aromatizes them.

This substance can help raise free testosterone levels by up to 20%, which can help men get better results in the gym.

It also reduces water retention, so muscles are harder and look more defined. The cut look is preferred by bodybuilders, especially during competitions when the judges want to see the hard work they have put into their bodies.

This drug was tested and found to help fight depression and it has also been known to help restore the libido, so men often take it during their PCT for these reasons.

Using Proviron During PCT

The main reason for post cycle therapy is to help boost the production of testosterone and shorten recovery times so you can get in the gym to maintain your muscles. Since Proviron helps release free testosterone, men use it to increase their testosterone levels.

It can also help with vascularization throughout the body, which means it can help move oxygen through the bloodstream, including to the extremities.

As with any drug you take, you should carefully monitor your use of mesterolone to prevent side effects that come with using DHTs. These side effects include male pattern baldness, but there are other substances you can take to counteract that effect and keep your hair.

If DHTs are abused, the prostate can become enlarged, but with careful monitoring of its use, you shouldn’t have that problem either.

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