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Equipoise For Sale

This time we are going to talk about an anabolic substance that is not a medicine, but a product intended for veterinary use, Boldenone Undecylenate. A very popular injectable steroid that bodybuilders purchase online.

When we talk about anabolic substances, it is usual that we are talking about a medicine conceived to treat some disease or pathology in humans, but that administered at higher doses than the therapeutic ones, has greater anabolic properties favoring a notable increase in muscle mass and the force.

One of the best known brand names for boldenone is Equipoise , and its original use is to treat weak horses after illness, to increase their weight or stimulate their appetite, making them gain muscle mass and vigor as it is a product steroid with marked anabolic properties.

If we transfer these results and qualities to humans: white and bottled, we have an anabolic substance to combine in one cycle.

The full name of the compound is Boldenone undecylenate, it is an injectable substance derived from oil-based testosterone, one of the favorable points it has is that it is quite anabolic and moderately androgenic, this means that the problems related to aromatization when Estrogens will not be as great as with other substances, but they should still be taken into account.

ROHM Labs Equipoise 300mg has properties very similar to Dianabol , in fact its structure is very similar, although in the body they act differently, since boldenone hardly retains liquids and is much less toxic to the liver, problems that Dianabol does.

Pharmacom Labs Pharma Bold 500 has a very long half-life, of about 12 days, and with its use a lean muscle mass is achieved, since, as we have said, it hardly retains liquids.

This gain occurs gradually, little by little, therefore it will be a “quality” gain, due to this, the higher performance of Hemi Pharma Boldenone 300 will deliver it in long cycles, so perhaps this may be a drawback depending on the objectives. It also increases the production of red blood cells in the blood.

Dragon Pharma EQ 500 greatly increases vascularity, producing venous vasodilation while exercising, and, like in horses, increases appetite.

Typically, it is combined with other steroids both in volume and definition cycles, so it is common to combine it with testosterone cypionate, trenbolone or deca-durabolin.

Consequences of the use of Equipoise

As an anabolic Nexnos Pharma Equipoise 300mg is a good product due to its characteristics, now it is time to expose the other side, the side effects that its use can entail.

Among the milder we have those that present almost any androgenic substance, oily skin, acne and increased aggressiveness. A somewhat more serious problem is that it can accelerate the baldness process in those people prone to suffering it.

Being moderately androgenic, it will be rare for ZPHC EQ to aromatize in doses of less than 200-250 mg per week, but if you decide to use this substance, it wouldn’t hurt to use a PCT supplement such as tamoxifen citrate.

It will also be rare for transient sexual impotence to occur at such doses. At low doses in women it should not present virilization symptoms.

Like any steroid, MyoGen Labs BoldoGen 300mg should not be used if you have or have a history of prostate problems, breast cancer, and if you have diabetes or liver or kidney problems.

The benefit-side effects ratio is quite favorable for Keifei Pharma Equibolin 250, but we should not trust ourselves and take its use lightly if we are completely determined.

In any case, it is better to avoid falling into temptation, but if this is not the case, it would be appropriate to monitor the treatment by a professional as well as a previous analysis to rule out any problem that could be aggravated due to its use.