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DHB Steroid For Sale

Dihydroboldenone, commonly known as DHB or 1-test cyp, is one of the most popular anabolic steroid supplements for sale online. Its unique properties and great benefits are the true reason behind the product’s popularity, particularly among bodybuilders.

Its ability to accelerate the performance, increase muscle growth and help bodybuilders develop a huge muscled body is proven and justifies the preference of athletes towards choosing it over similar substances, like testosterone. So, what are the benefits of Pareto Pharma DHB 100mg in bodybuilding and are there any possible side effects we should be aware of?

Anabolic effects

DHB is highly anabolic and that particular characteristic is what makes this substance ideal for bodybuilders wishing to increase their muscle growth and tone their overall physique.

Although testosterone is the most well-known male hormone, it is interesting to know that 1-test cyp is more powerful and it can bring about some impressive results that cannon be achieved by consuming the natural form of testosterone.

DHB accelerates muscle growth without affecting your appetite, and for this reason, it can be described as a very nice bulker.

Overall body strength

Sphinx Pharma DHB 100mg injection is also capable of increasing your overall body strength and therefore your performance. Bodybuilders who have taken up consumption of Dihydroboldenone regularly have claimed that their energy levels, endurance, and ability to workout for long periods of time have increased thanks to this compound.

The ultimate goal of every new bodybuilder is to perform well and boost his career. DHB is capable of offering exactly that.

Cutting Cycles in Bodybuilding

DHB cutting cycles in bodybuilders leads to an increased loss of excessive body fat or water in the body and that results in the development of tight and lean muscles. When stacked properly, DHB enables users to expose all of their body muscles and make them tight and lean as they progress in their exercise programs.

Possible side effects of DHB

Although DHB can be described as a mild anabolic that lacks major side effects, the complexity of the human body and the different body characteristics of every user affect a lot the type of side effects you may come across after you finish a cycle using 1-test cyp regularly.

The most common side effect bodybuilders have observed after they start taking DHB is pain at the site of the injection. Some users have even complained that the pain didn’t go away even after a week.

However, you can always turn to the product’s oral form if you find yourself suffering from such a condition.

DHB is a negligible androgenic; hence side effects, such as high blood pressure, increased agitation or irritability are a lot less common compared to other steroid supplements.


Dihydroboldenone doesn’t aromatize and therefore, the appearance of estrogenic side effects, including low libido, depression or lethargy doesn’t pose a danger. If taken overdose, DHB is capable of causing some mild hair loss, and if that happens, you should contact your doctor immediately.

Just like every other steroid supplement, 1-test cyp is highly suppressive. For this reason, some effective post cycle therapy (PCT) should be added to the daily routine of bodybuilders, and support supplements should become an inseparable part of every exercise and nutrition plan.

It is true that every bodybuilder wishes to strengthen his muscles and make them tight and lean. Although proper exercising and nutrition are vital parts of this effort, a good anabolic supplement is also, essential.

The DHB steroid injection for sale online offers elite athletes a series of benefits and unique properties. However, like every other similar supplement, it can cause some side effects, as well. Proper use and sticking to the proposed dosage can decrease the danger of experiencing those side effects with this steroid.