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New U Life Somaderm HGH Gel is revered for the miracles it can do for humans by controlling the human ageing process, its use in diseases such as Turner’s Syndrome and increasing physical strength etc.

Let us study human growth hormone side effects and its benefits in detail.

What is New U Life Somaderm Human Growth Hormone Gel (HGH)?

Human growth hormones are made in body in order to help physical and mental growth and they also help in maintaining tissues and organs during our lifecycle.

Human growth hormone is made up of protein and is secreted by somatotroph cells in pituitary gland in our brain. This hormone is produced at normal level during childhood and adolescence, after age the age of 40 years, Pituitary gland slows down/stops the secretion of HGH.

New U Life HGH Gel has similar structure as that of insulin with a difference that it does not stay in blood for longer period (it stays in blood only for 1 to 2 hours).

It is due to this property HGH level in blood is very hard to find out. The only possible way to find out HGH secretion level in blood is by finding out the level of Somatomedin-C in blood (HGH is converted into Somatomedin-C by our body), which stays in blood for about 24 to 36 hours duration.

What is Somaderm HGH Deficiency?

Human growth hormone deficiency is a medical condition in which pituitary gland situated in brain fail to secrete enough HGH in blood (the secretion drops below normal level of HGH required in blood).

HGH deficiency leads to cardiovascular related problems, abnormality in body growth, damaged physical performance, skin related problems, problems with internal body organs, memory loss etc.

Patients suffering from HGH deficiency are provided intravascular injected HGH.

What are the benefits of buying New U Life HGH Gel online?

Many people believe that the New U Life HGH for sale works as an anti-ageing substance and helps in fighting ageing problems.

The problems people face during old age (loss of power and memory, strength etc.) are also linked with the decrease in HGH level in blood. Many people claim to have benefited from the New U Life HGH Gel.

Human growth hormone is an important substance for those who are suffering from human growth hormone deficiency. HGH deficiency condition can be caused by many reasons such as surgery, birth defect, pituitary gland tumors etc. in which pituitary glands do not secrete the HGH in normal level.

New U Life HGH Gel is helpful to the people suffering with Turner’s and/or Prader-Willi syndromes, short stature, people with kidney related problems such as kidney failure/malfunctioning, people with abnormal immune system (those who are suffering from diseases such as AIDS).

Human growth hormones are also considered to be helpful in increasing bone density, increase in physical strength, reduction in body fat, muscle mass gain, treatment related to human moods and emotions, enhancement of heart (cardiac) functioning, skin rejuvenation etc.