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If you are a bodybuilder in and would like to know where is the best place to buy Riptropin HGH for sale online, you have come to the best place.

In normal cycle duration of 5-8 months, taking HGH injections all 7 days in a week, once or twice daily, is fine. Consider HGH kits run on the basis of 6 on/ 1 off or 5 on/2 off if your intake of it is to a large extent a lifestyle and not a single cycle.

All through the day the body generates hGH in pulsations with the most concentrated pulses occurring about 2-3 hours following bed’s time as one becomes deeply asleep. The absorption of hGH is completed and utilized within a period of 3 hours.

Timing for individuals, as a strategy, may differ because it depends on some elements of the cycle, one of which is age. Your individual situation has an important part to play in all these as there is no particular strategy that can lay claim to being the best.

Individuals in that are in the age bracket of late 20’s and early 50’s have an advantage in the sense that their own body release of hGH is yet at a significantly reasonable level.

However, the early morning hours, following the release of hGH by the body in the night, are the best moment to receive a Riptropin injection.

This morning period that includes the time you leave the bed for the bathroom is least disruptive and undoubtedly the perfect time for the consumption of units of HGH.

Taking it first thing after you open your eyes in bed in the morning is the second best.

If you employed the strategy of splitting your doses, then make it at periods at of peak cortisol levels, immediately you are up from bed in the morning and at early afternoon.

Taking Riptropin injections at above periods is also a good strategy. A timely HGH injection has the capability of blunting the catabolic nature of cortisol.

There are some individuals that have no other choice than to take Riptropin HGH right before going to bed, they include those in their late 50’s, those beyond their late 50’s and those whose pituitary glands’ production of HGH have been greatly incapacitated.

Adhering to this time allows for a mimic of the natural pattern that normally take place should the pituitary glands function properly.

For those of us not in the above category, it will amount to robbing ourselves of our body’s own nightly release of hGH and giving rise to an unhelpful feedback loop if we take HGH precisely before bed.

HGH or Human Growth Hormone is an incredibly complex hormone. Made of over 191 amino acids it has been found to be crucial for muscle growth, tissue repair, and it also influences mental health.

HGH is extremely important because it regulates the system inside the body. Small changes can have big effects on the overall composure of the internal organs.

It is so important that people that have deficiencies of HGH may suffer problematic health effects.

This is where a synthetic medicine that can act as HGH is prescribed. Doctors find that using Riptropin, mimics the effects of human growth hormone.

This can make a dramatic effect in the lives of people who are struggling with deficiencies of HGH.

The liver does help with supplying enough HGH if the pituitary gland does not do its job but doctors are looking towards Riptropin to cure even more illnesses.

A larger dose may be able to help. Also, this new Somatropin pen is gaining attention from commercial research labs and athletes. This is because it can help with burning fat and increasing muscular performance.

Another form of hormones that is gaining popularity is STH, also known as somatotropic hormone compound.

Bodybuilders and athletes have been using anabolic steroids for years but they see STH as a new more productive solution.

It increases the bodies capacity to rebuild tissues, cartilage and tendons and therefor will make the user more able to increase their strength in a shorter period of time. STH is also incredible at protecting tendons.

The users will not have to worry as much about damaging them and setting themselves back a few weeks.

You may think that the more you take the more it effects you right? This is found to be not the case.

Many bodybuilders will inject twice the recommended amount but do not see any gain over the recommended amount. Studies have shown that at smaller doses, STH is more effective.

The body is a complex system and if it sees to much human growth hormone inside itself it may become resilient towards it.

If a bodybuilder uses HGH injection kits as directed they will definitely see results in their strength, stamina, and an increase in metabolism.


Kigtropin HGH Injection Kits For Sale Online In UK Ireland USA Australia

In a quest to enhance their muscular gains. Bodybuilders have opted into the now popular ingestion of the human growth hormone into their bodies.

Kigtropin has the ability to increase your muscles significantly. While at the same slashing accumulated fats from your body.

Although its produced in the body by the pituitary glands located in your brain. It does not give noticeable mass gains once secreted. Since it only remains active for a few minutes in your blood stream.

As a result, scientists began to synthesize their own HGH in labs. And made it available to the public to be used as a performance enhancing drug. Thus gaining popularity amongst bodybuilders.

One such drug is somatropin. If taken right, Kigtropin HGH for sale has been found to have many benefits, some of them are as thus:

Kigtropin increases muscle strength

Human growth hormones are known to stimulate collagen synthesis in the skeletal muscles and tendons. Not only does this help improve your muscle strength. But it also helps to improve your exercise performance.

Accelerates weight loss

If your body is subjected to a sufficient Kigtropin supply, lipolysis is accelerated. This is a process where lipids are broken down. And can easily be disposed of from your body in turn facilitating significant weight loss.

Stronger and tougher bones

As you age, your pituitary gland reduces secretion of the HGH essential for bone growth. This is the reason older men and women are known to have weaker bone structures.

But with Kigtropin, it results in an increase of bone mass and sturdiness.

Finer sleep

Rest is essential for any active bodybuilder. Because it allows your muscles, nerves and body tissues to rebuild. Studies have proven that Kigtropin has helped boost sleep in insomniacs.

As well as individuals with sleep disorders. This is essential to any bodybuilder.

Kigtropin boosts one morale and performance

Numerous scientific studies have suggested that injecting Kigtropin helps improve your mood and cognitive function. Basically, this is what you need.

Because without the right push and enthusiasm you may not be able to achieve the massive muscle gains.

Minimum to zero side effects

Kigtropin HGH injection kits have been found to contain no known side effects. However if taken in excess, some body parts may elongate abnormally.

This is as a result of excessive protein synthesis. This is correctable though, by reducing the growth hormones’ intake gradually within weeks.

Should you want to use Kigtropin as a growth supplement, stick to your prescribed dosage. In order to avoid some mild complications.

But generally, if used as suggested it wont deny you the muscle gains you so much want to acquire.

Buy Norditropin FlexPro 90iu HGH Pens UK Ireland Sweden USA Australia

Norditropin FlexPro Pens, contain human growth hormone, or HGH. And it is a very popular supplement for bodybuilders.

Today bodybuilding is not just a hobby but it is also a very lucrative profession. Many people today go for the art, not just because of passion, but also to earn a living.

Nonetheless, the failure or success of any bodybuilder mainly depends on how you condition your body. A properly conditioned body is not only attractive but it also feels great.

This is not to say that having a well toned and built body is a walk in the park. Many bodybuilders today use various ways including using supplements just to try and get ahead of the others.

However very few supplements out there are safe for human use. Many are awash with harmful chemicals and can easily cause cancer and other chronic diseases.

Because of this many athletes have decided to use genuine Human Growth Hormones without harmful chemicals. One good example of such is the Norditropin FlexPro pen.

Growth hormone is one of the most effective hormones when it comes to enhancing your general quality of life. Especially if you are a bodybuilder.

For several years now bodybuilders have been using HGH injection pens to help them overcome their body’s physical limitations.

With growth hormone, your skin, muscles, hair and bone’s growth will skyrocket.

Enhanced Energy and performance

Using it can enhance your muscle mass, bone density and performance. For both healthy bodybuilders and those with growth hormone deficiency.

As a result most of these professionals take the hormone to enhance their physique as well as athletic performance.

Growth hormone will also help you enhance your strength. It will also develop lean muscle and slow down the various signs of aging considerably.

Fat burning

Growth hormone will also promote your fat burning. This is basically the breakdown of fat so that you can be use them for energy.

Your ability to burn fat quickly is very important if you are a bodybuilder. Because excess fat in your body not only affects your ability to train. It will also reduce the visibility of your muscles considerably.


Though it will help you have that appealing muscle, that really isn’t the whole picture. It will help you get those huge muscles. And enhance your endurance by allowing you to trainer harder for longer.

Recovery from Injuries

Any experienced bodybuilder will tell you that getting minor tears and injuries is very common during training. Fortunately growth hormone is also very handy in your recovery process.

Whether it’s a road rash or a minor tear, growth hormone will reduce your recovery time by 40 percent.

Protein Synthesis

Protein absorption is at the core of any bodybuilding quest. Just as you can’t build a strong house without mortar and bricks.

You also can’t build your body well without enough protein.

And that is where growth hormone pens come in handy. Normally your body can only take in around 40 grams of protein per meal.

But when you use human growth hormone the absorption level will increase significantly. And you can take in more per sitting than you did before.

Wrapping it up

Generally, growth hormone has a lot of benefits not only if you are a bodybuilders. But also if you have growth hormone deficiency.

You will gain some muscle within a very short period. This will result in a leaner and appealing body mass while countering injuries very fast.

Where to get Norditropin FlexPro Online?

Whatever you need, just complete the enquiry form. And we will respond with instructions about HGH for sale.

New U Life HGH Gel Somaderm For Sale UK Ireland Italy Philippines

New U Life Somaderm HGH Gel is revered for the miracles it can do for humans by controlling the human ageing process, its use in diseases such as Turner’s Syndrome and increasing physical strength etc.

Let us study human growth hormone side effects and its benefits in detail.

What is New U Life Somaderm Human Growth Hormone Gel (HGH)?

Human growth hormones are made in body in order to help physical and mental growth and they also help in maintaining tissues and organs during our lifecycle.

Human growth hormone is made up of protein and is secreted by somatotroph cells in pituitary gland in our brain. This hormone is produced at normal level during childhood and adolescence, after age the age of 40 years, Pituitary gland slows down/stops the secretion of HGH.

New U Life HGH Gel has similar structure as that of insulin with a difference that it does not stay in blood for longer period (it stays in blood only for 1 to 2 hours).

It is due to this property HGH level in blood is very hard to find out. The only possible way to find out HGH secretion level in blood is by finding out the level of Somatomedin-C in blood (HGH is converted into Somatomedin-C by our body), which stays in blood for about 24 to 36 hours duration.

What is Somaderm HGH Deficiency?

Human growth hormone deficiency is a medical condition in which pituitary gland situated in brain fail to secrete enough HGH in blood (the secretion drops below normal level of HGH required in blood).

HGH deficiency leads to cardiovascular related problems, abnormality in body growth, damaged physical performance, skin related problems, problems with internal body organs, memory loss etc.

Patients suffering from HGH deficiency are provided intravascular injected HGH.

What are the benefits of buying New U Life HGH Gel online?

Many people believe that the New U Life HGH for sale works as an anti-ageing substance and helps in fighting ageing problems.

The problems people face during old age (loss of power and memory, strength etc.) are also linked with the decrease in HGH level in blood. Many people claim to have benefited from the New U Life HGH Gel.

Human growth hormone is an important substance for those who are suffering from human growth hormone deficiency. HGH deficiency condition can be caused by many reasons such as surgery, birth defect, pituitary gland tumors etc. in which pituitary glands do not secrete the HGH in normal level.

New U Life HGH Gel is helpful to the people suffering with Turner’s and/or Prader-Willi syndromes, short stature, people with kidney related problems such as kidney failure/malfunctioning, people with abnormal immune system (those who are suffering from diseases such as AIDS).

Human growth hormones are also considered to be helpful in increasing bone density, increase in physical strength, reduction in body fat, muscle mass gain, treatment related to human moods and emotions, enhancement of heart (cardiac) functioning, skin rejuvenation etc.

Omnitrope SurePal HGH Pens For Sale Online UK Ireland USA Australia

Omnitrope SurePal HGH injection pens, that was basically designed to feed the needs of people suffering from lower growth of human growth hormone (HGH) is now being popularly used by athletes and bodybuilders for improving their stamina and physical appearance.

Human growth hormone is essential for the human body for normal and regular growth.

But after a certain age the growth hormones decline in the production levels, and it is then important to intake additional supplements to normalize the growth process, especially for athletes and bodybuilders for betterment of muscle growth.

When athletes and Bodybuilders use Omnitrope HGH injection pens, and other Human Growth Hormone injections, they will notice an incredible reduction in the excess body fat, and the fat deposits are used by muscle tissues to develop at a better pace.

Humans generally excrete these growth hormones while sleeping, during physical training, during stress situations or due to low sugar levels. These situations have a direct effect on production of human growth hormone.

But sometimes, the body does not remain susceptible to produce the growth hormone and in such situations SurePal pens can be used.

Omnitrope Dosages

Omnitrope has strong anabolic effect on the body, which facilitates better protein synthesis due to retention of nitrogen in the muscle tissues.

The regular dosage of Omnitrope is 0.3 iu per week per pound of weight of the body. The drug should be divided in equal dosages depending on the requirements.

It can be divided in either 3 doses or more depending on the user’s convenience. However, small doses are recommended to yield the most effective results.

It is important that the users inject Omnitrope within the prescribed dosages to avoid any kind of ill effects on the body.

The drug is also known to regenerate the muscle tissues soon, thus it is recommended to be used by individuals who have undergone a surgery in recent times.

Omnitrope is commonly associated with elite level bodybuilders. It is said that since they are called out for having GH gut’s which is more of a result of Insulin Growth Factor 1.

The HGH is not only bound for the bodybuilders only since there are others who could be jacked up on it but with no gains. In today’s world, it is very easy to get a hold of growth hormone.

Below are some benefits of using human growth hormone for bodybuilders:

SurePal helps in the body development

There are magnificent effects of Omnitrope on the body when used correctly. It is responsible for both growth and development.

The development of bones and cartilage is majorly stimulated when the pituitary gland pumps more growth hormones. As a whole, the growth hormone is responsible for the production of protein, lipolysis and also slowing down the insulin related activity.

Omnitrope SurePal increases muscle strength

Omnitrope enhances strength gains when correctly used with an effective training program.

Enhances improved weight loss

One of the benefits of the SurePal pen is that it increases the breakdown of fatty acids into energy required for different workout activities and thus attaining lean muscles.

This is why it the popular choice for most bodybuilders.

Improved mood and cognitive functions

The human growth hormone is also responsible for the cognitive function, mood and also concentration among bodybuilders.

Healing mechanism

When one grows older, his or her cells tend to get weaker. If this happens, the body is prone to get a lot of illnesses.

The human growth hormone is responsible for boosting the immune system to combat any illness thus leading to fast recovery.

In conclusion, by understanding the benefits of the human growth hormone, as a bodybuilder, you won’t have many questions to ask about how it helps you when taken.

We have Omnitrope HGH for sale, here on our website.

Alpha Pharma 100iu Vitex HGH For Sale Online UK USA Australia India

Alpha Pharma Vitex HGH injections, below is a few of the benefits of this product.

Vitex increases muscle

Human growth hormone helps in stimulating collagen that is located in the skeletal muscle and tendons that increase muscle strength.

A research was once conducted with 14 healthy men aged between 50 to 70 years being test subjects.

7 of the test subjects were given Vitex while the other seven were not given Vitex HGH injection kits, after 6 months the test subjects that were given growth hormone had increased muscle strength compared to the other 7. Hence recommended for bodybuilders.

Quick bone healing

Most HGH for sale is known to increase the metabolism rate of bones. HGH helps in the repair of worn and torn tissues and bones.

Development of the human body

Vitex helps in growth and development of the human body significantly, when used correctly. When growth takes place, the pituitary glands produce more growth hormones that help in the growth and development of bones and muscles.

Growth hormones stimulates the production of IGF-1. IGF-1 helps in bone formation and hence increase in growth and development of the body.

Reduces the risk of heart related diseases

Lack of enough growth hormones in the body puts one at a risk of cardio-vascular diseases.

Studies have shown that patients who lack enough growth hormones in the body have high triglyceride concentrations that causes alteration of lipoprotein and hence increasing the risk of heart related diseases.

Alpha Pharma HGH helps in weight loss

Vitex helps in accelerating the breakdown of fatty acids into free fatty acids that can be used as energy.

Studies done on some individuals have shown that when one is given the growth hormones he/she will have improved weight loss compared to the ones who don’t use the growth hormones.

Good sleeping habits

Growth hormone is usually released when one is asleep and its levels increase during the first hours of sleep. This helps one have good or better sleeping habits.

So now you know the benefits of using Vitex, if you want to know how to buy, please complete the enquiry form, and we will assist you in your purchase.

Buy Genotropin GoQuick HGH Pens Online UK USA Australia Singapore

Genotropin GoQuick pens, which contain human growth hormone, better known as Somatropin or HGH, is a hormone produced naturally by the pituitary glands to aid cell growth and regeneration.

High levels of HGH production are observed in both men and women during puberty while production starts dropping in the early 20s. HGH for sale is also responsible for maintaining the health of all human tissue — this includes hair, brain tissue, and skin, among others.

In 1981, scientists were able to synthesise the human growth hormone in laboratories, which later led to it becoming one of today’s most popular performance-enhancing drugs.

Benefits of Using GoQuick pens

Human growth hormones are taken by adults for many reasons. Approved uses of Genotropin pens are for treatment of short bowel syndrome, HGH deficiency, and muscle-wasting diseases.

The use of GoQuick pens through injections help cure the aforementioned diseases while also slowing down ageing effects.

HGH levels decrease as a human gets older, which is why scientists believe that HGH has anti-ageing effects.

Other effects of the consumption of Genotropin HGH injection pens are improved sleeping patterns, strengthening of bones, and the improvement of the quality and duration of the heart and the kidney.

HGH products, in the form of pills and sprays, are also consumed to restore hair growth, reduce body fat, increase energy and libido, and improve skin condition.

Genotropin pens also normalise blood sugar and strengthens the immune system, among others. It should be noted, though, that the effects of the drug in its injected form are far stronger than if the drug is consumed through pills and sprays.

Increasing the production of HGH without using supplements is also possible. They can be increased through proper training, the right amount of sleep, and proper nutrition.

Most HGH is produced by the body during sleep, so getting the right amount of sleep is the right way to go.

Genotropin Side Effects

While many doctors and health professionals claim that HGH is detrimental to the health of consumers, there is no proof of bad side effects occurring when HGH is taken in proper doses.

Eric Braverman, M.D. has even stated that complications that occur with Genotropin pens are very rare and minimal. The dangers surrounding HGH are merely overblown, just like the supposed dangers that surrounded creatine a few years back.

Creatine has been proven to be one of the safest supplements known to man, and, as claimed by many professionals, research will show that HGH is safe as well.

Whatever the purpose of using GoQuick pens, one must always remember that everything should be taken in moderation.

There are so many good side effects that Genotropin pens can bring, such as better skin, hair growth, muscle development, and energy increase, to name a few.

While there are still some misconceptions about GoQuick pens many professionals have deemed the use of such substance safe to achieve the body of your dreams if taken in moderation.

Humatrope 72iu HGH Pens Kits For Sale UK USA Australia Cheap Price

Humatrope injections contain Human Growth Hormone or HGH which is a substance that’s naturally produced by the body. The hormone, which triggers cell growth and repair, is secreted by the pituitary gland.

HGH functions in much the same way, affecting the athlete’s or bodybuilder’s physiology in three major ways:

Humatrope raises the metabolism

Humatrope raises the metabolism, providing increased energy reserves, a helpful perk for those who push their bodies toward greater and greater levels of achievement.

This increased metabolism also helps reduce body fat. During childhood and puberty, natural HGH levels are at their peak, gradually declining with age.

Because HGH is an insulin growth factor (IGF-1) precursor and IGF-1 enhances fat-burning, Humatrope HGH for sale can help athletes reduce their percentage of body fat by burning stored fat.

Humatrope for Bodybuilding

Humatrope has very good reviews for stimulating muscle-cell growth.

While none of us can increase the number of muscle cells our bodies contain, since that factor is genetically predetermined, we can increase muscle size and gain lean muscle mass by using a combination of Humatrope HGH injection pens and weight training.

HGH is superior to steroids in that it promotes lean muscle development, whereas steroids typically increase muscle cell size largely through water retention.

Humatrope can help athletes and bodybuilders counteract their genetic predisposition by working in conjunction with physical training and adequate nutrition to lay down new muscle fibers, helping them achieve better results than they otherwise could.

It speeds post training recovery. By triggering the body’s growth and healing mechanism, it repairs damaged muscle tissue, while stabilizing joints and strengthening ligaments.

This can help ensure that an athlete’s body will be ready for the next workout.

A few other reasons bodybuilders and athletes use Humatrope:

• It enhances performance.
• It’s a natural substance.
• It’s difficult to detect.

Buying Humatrope

Because it is only FDA-approved for certain uses, none of which include performance enhancement or athletic muscle development, bodybuilders and athletes typically buy the supplement online or through underground means.

Though in the past it was available over the counter certain countries to anyone who wanted to purchase it, today it requires a prescription and is generally only dispensed at the order of an endocrinologist for growth-related disorders in children.

In summary, HGH injection kits can increase energy, enhance fat burning, build lean muscle mass, and shorten recovery time after injury or training.

Since HGH is a natural performance enhancement product that’s superior to steroids, many athletes and bodybuilders are looking Humatrope for the edge they need to compete successfully or meet their personal bodybuilding goals.

LifeTech Biotropin HGH Kits For Sale Online UK USA Australia Hong Kong

Biotropin by LifeTech Labs is mostly being used for anti-aging. It has been proven to help the skin look younger, improve mood, increase the ability of hair to grow and even help with energy levels.

Biotropin has been compared to the much sought after fountain of youth.

Research has shown that this human growth hormone is a vital part of the continuing development of bones, muscles and organs.

HGH is produced from the pituitary gland, which is at the base of the skull. While it has been somewhat controversial whether using Biotropin is the best option for looking and feeling younger, there are many people in that have used it to help with anti-aging.

These people have noticed that their skin looks and feels younger, they have higher energy levels, their moods are better, their libido is even raised and their hair even stops losing its color and vibrancy.

The FDA and Biotropin for Anti-Aging

While there are people that are using Biotropin to help with the look and feel of their bodies and to reverse the aging process, these uses are not FDA approved.

Biotropin HGH for sale has been FDA approved for other uses, but anti-aging uses will take some time to get approval from the FDA since it is not on the government testing organization’s priority list.

In Depth Information on Biotropin Benefits

Several research programs have found that HGH is the only protein compound in the body that lessens as people age.

Since any protein and protein complexes are vital to the maintenance of the bones, muscles and skin, any reduction of these proteins causes degeneration in these areas.

This is why people are finding their way to Biotropin anti-aging supplements for the stimulation of the production of collagen in skin cells.

When this happens, users notice that skin looks healthier and smoother.

Even wrinkles and age related blemishes begin to fade. The Biotropin HGH injection kits can give users a youthful look and feeling back in their bodies.

Those people that wish to keep the aging process at bay may begin using Biotropin even before they begin to notice signs of ageing.

This will help them prevent the onset of wrinkles, reduction of bone density and other problems that would come with the reduction of HGH.

As people notice that they are experiencing lower energy levels, consistent consumption of Biotropin could allow them to increase their energy levels for a better quality of life.

Users may also notice they have been able to lose weight while taking these supplements. This is all part of the anti-aging benefits of Biotropin.


As more research is done on Biotropin and the benefits of its help with anti-aging, more and more people will start to use Biotropin to help them regain their quality of life.

People will begin to feel younger for longer, as their hair, skin and the rest of their bodies maintains their youthful look and their moods will be at a better and more level point after Biotropin usage.

Hypertropin 120iu HGH Injection Kits For Sale Online UK USA Australia

Hypertropin is an external source of human growth hormone, commonly referred to as HGH, that contributes to protein combinations and DNA and RNA development.

Bodily Production of Growth Hormone

The bodily production of these chemical substances levels out and diminishes as a person matures.

But Hypertropin HGH injection kits provide an external source of hormone that athletes, and even the average person, can appreciate for its ability to reduce fat while boosting energy.

The hormone is extremely effective in contributing to increased muscle tissue, while at the same time decreasing the amount of fat that a body reserves.

Growth hormones are polypeptides. They come from the 191 amino acids found in the human body. They are produced with the correct stimulus, such as sleep or while a person is working out, during the hypophysis stage.

The Body’s Release of HGH

The release of HGH, human growth hormone, does not take effect immediately.

But it does stimulate the liver to begin to produce and then distribute several growth substances by means of insulin and somatomedins. The result is that these specific growth factors affect the body directly.

It is the function of the liver to produce these hormones, but on its own it can only produce a limited amount of growth hormone.

Hypertropin HGH for sale can be injected, but even this measure does not stimulate the liver to produce the amount of growth hormone necessary to create the desired result of increased energy and reduced fat.

Three Note Worthy Results with Hypertropin

However, injections of HGH somatotropic hormone compound produces three particularly note-worthy and dramatic results.

First, HGH creates a significant anabolic reaction in the body. This anabolic reaction causes an increase in protein synthesis, and this, in turn, increases muscle cell size.

The second positive result of HGH injections is to significantly increase the ability of the body to burn fat, which is then converted into useful energy.

The third positive result of Hypertropin injections is to augment the development of muscle and connective tissue.

Determining Dosage of Hypertropin

The challenge with HGH intake has to do with the dosage amount. To date, there has been no clinical research regarding the usage of HGH for the specific purpose of enhancing fitness.

There is some empirical data that can be used for general guidelines suggesting a dosage of 0.3 IU/per week for each pound of body weight.